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Do you ever wonder what it takes to get an idea or invention patented?

Learn the patent process start to finish from a Registered Patent Agent Registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Find out the answers to many of your patent questions at the Patent Your Invention Online Conference hosted by Patent Practitioner, Dr. Tiffany C. Miller, Ph.D. of Inventions International Inc.

Our webinars are conducted in interactive, online Zoom Conference to maximize opportunities for discussion and questioning. We update the presentation agenda for every seminar to include the latest and most significant patent examination procedures. Each seminar will accommodate groups of a minimum of two (2) to maximum of sixteen (16) attendees. Registration is required by each participant at least 24 hours in advance to selected date and time.

$ 150.00

Webinar Registration

Presentation Agenda: "Patent Process Start To Finish" with Moderator: Tiffany C. Miller. An overview of the patent process steps are discussed in a 20 minute Zoom session followed by 10 minute Q&A. 30 minutes total. Price:$150.00 for each participant.