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Assignment Recordation


Subject to the provisions set forth in the MPEP, patents shall have the attributes of personal property. A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor. It may be assigned (sold) or licensed (rented) to others to produce income or capital gain. The Patent and Trademark Office shall maintain a register of interests in patents and applications for patents and shall record any document related thereto upon request, and may require a fee therefor.

Applications for patent, patents, or any interest therein, shall be assignable in law by an instrument in writing. The applicant, patentee, or his assigns or legal representatives may in like manner grant and convey an exclusive right under his application for patent, or patents, to the whole or any specified part of the United States.

When the inventor has assigned the patent rights into their holding company or has sold the patent rights to a third party, we will then record the assignment document with the USPTO once a patent application number or a patent number has been established for the associated invention.

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Assignment Recordation

When an Inventor wants to transfer their patent rights to either their holding company or to a corporate entity, the Assignment document may be recorded with the Patent Office. This lets the Patent Office know who owns the Patent rights.

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  • This is the name of the Inventor if the Inventor currently holds the patent rights.
  • This is the name of the company if a company currently holds the patent rights.
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