Dr. Miller takes great pride in offering Inventor’s patent protection for their innovative technologies. The importance of meeting statutory deadlines  for patent filings are critical. Dr. Miller utilizes a deep understanding of the USPTO to navigate inventors through the patent process to ensure all opportunities pertaining to all patent matters are maximized.

Exemplary Patent Portfolio

The practice of Dr. Miller includes a many disciplines. Below is a small fraction of the most Recently Awarded Patents granted through Inventions International Inc.:

Mechanical Patents

11,289,056 Interchangeable neck and bridge for a guitar

11,125,367 Removable cuff for capturing the male threaded end of a hose bib and obstructing a female threaded end of a hose

10,994,181 Batting ball on a cable having an anchoring structure

10,941,898 Collapsible support structure for a removable electronic device

10,934,720 Housing for aluminum extruded framing with a spline groove

10,842,284 Foot support platform

10,477,855 Rodent bait station having a counting mechanism

10,436,431 Adjustable depth anchoring system for an underwater light

10,434,395 Systems and methods of anchoring a support structure for a batting ball on a cable

10,398,137 Chumming device

10,308,407 Releasable ratchet strap having a lock mechanism

10,130,197 Support material having an hourglass shape

D936068 Collapsible support structure for a removable electronic device

Medical Device Patents

11,458,063 Orthopedic posture improvement device

11,439,768 Compartmentalized syringe for combined medicine and flush solution

11,369,775 Systems and methods for guidewire retraction

11,154,419 Simultaneous thermal and cooling therapeutic device

11,044,958 Face covering with interchangeable magnetic filter

10,967,194 Pulsed electromagnetic field device and methods of use

10,932,985 Systems and methods of positioning a body of a user during stimulation for therapeutic effects

Pharmaceutical Patents

10,912,753 Topical skin care composition

10,471,243 Skincare Formulation

10,285,922 Topical exfoliating formulation

Electrical Engineering Patents

11,414,186 Unmanned aerial vehicle with a container having a stabilizing system

11,130,461 Collision Activated Radio-frequency Identification Recorder

10,752,110 Kinetic energy converter system

10,513,180 Stand-alone kinetic energy converter system

10,424,198 Mobile starting light signaling system

10,378,534 Method of bypassing a float switch controlling a water pump

10,304,309 Baby Seat Alarm

10,131,413 Marine propulsion unit having a rotating cylinder driving an impeller

Computer Engineering Patents

10,939,072 Evidence collection and attorney engagement method and system

10,749,935 Systems and methods for electronic file transfer

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