Dr. Miller is highly regarded in the field of patent drafting and prosecution and will guide you through the entire patent process.

  1. During the Initial Consultation Dr. Miller will determine the technical subject matter of your patent application based on your business and strategic concerns. Several different types of patent applications are available and the choice of which to use can produce a more effective intellectual property.
  2. A Patent Search may be performed to determine if your invention has already been patented. The consideration to file a patent application should be based on patentability as well as commercial value and potential economic value to the inventor or their company.
  3. Dr. Miller then prepares a fully compliant patent application based on your technical disclosure of the invention and anticipations of competitors. The novel features of your invention are drafted in a manner distinguishing over any prior art references found in the patent search to avoid future challenges and litigation. Typically, the claims and legal language of the application draft are revised for technical accuracy. Once the specification has been perfected to your satisfaction, a full patent application is prepared.
  4. Dr. Miller works directly with a drawing engineer to produce formal patent drawings to accompany the patent application. Digital patent drawing and illustration services are offered.
  5. Our firm utilizes the Electric Filing System (EFS-WEB) to submit patent applications to the USPTO. The filing date is when the application as a whole is received by the USPTO, resulting in a “Patent Pending” status.
  6. Because a patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor, it may be assigned (sold) to others to produce income or capital gain. It can also be assigned to a holding company which protects the inventor from personal liability. We offer assignment drafting services and recording the assignment with the USPTO.
  7. Dr. Miller also develops a strategy in response to Office Actions which are tailored to focus on the novel features of an invention in an attempt to overcome an Examiner’s rejections and objections during patent prosecution.
  8. Once the patent is issued we will monitor the maintenance fees during the lifetime of the patent.

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