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"Transform your Invention from Idea to
Patent-Pending status to an Issued Patent."-
Dr. Miller

Tiffany C. Miller, Ph.D.

About The Patent Practitioner

“Being a Registered Patent Agent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a specialist of patent drafting and prosecution exclusively, I customize each and every Patent Application for my Inventors, ” Dr. Miller explains. “No Patent process is the same because they are highly dependent on the Inventor’s Invention details & Business needs.” 

Dr. Tiffany C. Miller, Ph.D., USPTO Registration. No. 63,465 brings her skills and expertise to Inventions International Inc., where she is a top Patent Practitioner in her field with a duty to represent her clients’ best interests and to assist Inventors through the entire patent process with the wide range of patent services she provides.

Patent Pending

Now offering a faster and lower cost Cover Page Provisional Application to establish a Patent Pending status for only $780.00 plus governmental fees.

All of our Client’s Patent Applications are submitted to the USPTO utilizing the Electronic Filing System, gaining an instant “Patent Pending” status and Patent Application Serial Number.

15 Years of Achievement

Florida's Leading Patent Drafting and Prosecution Specialist

Office Actions

Our specialty in overcoming Office Action Responses maximizes the efficiency in the patent process to accelerate your patent application to an Issued Patent once the Examiner has accepted claims. Fixing defective patent applications so they are ready for issuance is our priority.

Dr. Miller has strengths in drafting a formal patent application encompassing, not only the embodiments of your invention, but elements in which competitors could anticipate. This strategy prevents competing individuals or companies from being able to replicate your patented invention, resulting in these competitors having to license your technology.

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