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Tiffany C. Miller

Tiffany C. Miller has assisted numerous self-made millionaires through the patent process and looks forward to bringing your invention from Idea to “Patent-Pending” status to an Issued Patent.

She chooses not to dilute her focus and concentrates exclusively in practicing law in patent matters before the USPTO as a solo practitioner. Mrs. Miller has designed her practice to see fewer clients than most attorneys, which allows her to spend more time with each inventor.

“I will address all of your questions, concerns, and patent needs throughout the entire patent process.”

-Tiffany C. Miller

For years, Mrs. Miller traveled the globe to learn from the most renowned innovators in the world. These inventors have developed state of the art technologies that are now common place in today’s world market. Now, she has brought her practice to individuals and companies worldwide where she is committed to providing the highest quality and professionalism.

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