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Patentability Search

A formal Patentability Search is performed to assess if an invention meets the requirements of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. The Patent Search is performed prior to the preparation of the Patent Application.

The novel features of your invention are determined in a manner distinguishing over the references and are acknowledged in a Patentability Opinion Letter indicating an available scope of patent protection. The search not only makes the application process easier but also helps to strengthen the invention against issues of validity.

Step One – Complete Patent Search Form:

Applicants requesting a Patent Search must complete the online Patent Search Document in the link below:

“Invention Disclosure Form for Patent Search Report”

This client form can be completed 100% online and instantly submitted to our office.

Step Two – Schedule a Follow-Up Telephone Conference:

Once you have received your Patentability Search Report at the conclusion of the Patent Search, we will discuss with you the results and options for moving forward with the Patent Application process.