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Office Actions

Attention to detail is key in overcoming prior art references. Dr. Miller has mastered an understanding of the federal rules and regulations set forth by the USPTO which the Examiner often references within these Office Actions and then implements the most effective strategy that is allowable by law to gain allowed claims for issuance of the patent.

Our specialty in overcoming Office Action Responses maximizes the efficiency in the patent process to accelerate your patent application to an Issued Patent once the Examiner has accepted claims. Fixing defective patent applications so they are ready for issuance is our priority.

Dr. Miller has strengths in drafting a formal patent application encompassing, not only the embodiments of your invention, but elements in which competitors could anticipate. This strategy prevents competing individuals or companies from being able to replicate your patented invention, resulting in these competitors having to license your technology.

Step One – Complete Online Client Form:

Applicants requesting an Initial Consultation for an existing Patent Application such as Office Actions, Office Communications, or for a Second Opinion must complete the online Client Document in the link below:

“Invention Disclosure Form for Existing Patent Applications”

This client form can be completed 100% online and instantly submitted to our office.

Step Two – Schedule an Initial Consultation:

After submitting your Invention Disclosure Form, a client coordinator will contact you with available times for an Initial Consultation. Initial Consultations are held via telephone, Zoom, or in person at our the Tampa Office, Sarasota Office, or our Pinellas Park Office location. For out-of-town and international clients, all correspondence will be held via telephone conference and/or email. At this time, we will privately discuss the patent process, the details of your invention, and your patent goals. We can make recommendations and discuss the patent procedure as it directly pertains to your patent matter in further detail. In addition, a firm price quote is provided.

The Initial Consultation fee is $250.00. Once your client form is electronically submitted to our office, you will be prompted to prepay for your Initial Consultation fee. Payments may be made from the link below:


Step Three – Sign the Representation Agreement:

Once you have consulted with us and have decided which patent procedure is right for you, Applicants must submit the 50% deposit to begin prosecution and complete the online Client Document in the link below:

“Representation Agreement”

Once you have submitted the signed Representation Agreement, you will be prompted to make a payment of the 50% deposit. Card payments or PayPal payments may be made from the link below: